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Fiction Stories Online

Welcome to Fiction Stories Online

At Fiction Stories Online, we are hoping to bring readers and writers together in the best of ways. The site is open to all types of fiction. We have a custom story section on the site designed by the input from readers and writers. Easy to use, with multiple options for readers to find just what kind of story they are looking for and provide feedback to the authors about the stories they like; we don't think you can find a better website on the internet!

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A few benefits of joining FSO today:

  • Writer's Corner: A place for writers to talk about writing. Plot bunnies, character portrayals, story arc and flow... if you don't see a topic in there about what you want to discuss, start one!
  • Editor's Corner: Topics about editing, of course! When do I add a comma? What is second person p.o.v. and how do I use it? The Editor's Corner is there for you to ask questions and get answers and advice from other members about the technical aspects of writing. You can also request help from other members to find an editor to help refine your stories.
  • Beta Reader's Corner: This portion of the site is dedicated to beta readers. What is a beta reader? They help you refine your stories. This is an invaluable relationship, join and find one for you today!
  • Prompts and Anthologies: Blocked? Looking for a good idea? FSO provides both flash fiction writing prompts and regular anthologies for members to participate in. Anthologies are themed and released together on certain dates throughout the year. Check it out!

We also have a Reader's Cafe for discussing your favorite stories, a gallery to share your story art and other images, a blog section for supporting members to discuss your writing, stories, or whatever you feel like sharing!

So, have we convinced you that FSO is a great new place to share you stories yet? Well then, what are you waiting for?

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This page was last updated on March 22, 2012